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Dream Interpretation 101 Online Workshop


Whether you're a novice or seasoned dreamer, this workshop offers profound insights and practical tools for unlocking the mysteries of your subconscious mind.

This workshop not only facilitates a deeper understanding of your dreams but also fosters self-awareness, guiding you towards insights and transformative growth.

Join our live interactive workshop or watch the recording afterwards.

Sunday, April 21, 2024 

3pm - 4:30 pm CEST (GMT+2)

Online (Zoom)

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What you'll learn

Dream Basics

Why are dreams important and how can we harvest the power of dream messages for personal growth? You'll learn simple tools to (re)connect to the realm of your dreams, remember them better, and increase dream frequency and vividness

Recognizing Symbols

What elements in your dreams are important to pay attention to? I'll teach you to recognize the unique personal and dream-specific implications of dream characters, objects, and landscapes, symbols, and archetypes.

Meaning & Guidance

Once we understand our symbols, I'll teach you how to weave together the meaning of the whole dream. You'll understand the messages from your true Self, valuable insights, and the direction it wants you to take in life.

Do you want your dream to be used live as an example? Your ticket for the workshop will then not only cover your learning experience, but include a free dream interpretation during the workshop (normally priced at 77)

Please note that you will need to actively participate in your dream analysis and answer questions live.

What others say about working with me

"Amazing session. When I had looked at my dream by myself it had seemed flat and quite dull. Speaking with Sonia, I was able to find much more insight in the dream.

Sonia has a wealth of expertise around dreams. I really like how her approach brings in pieces from lots of different fields. The session was empowering, I felt supported and coached to explore my own dream in a way that worked for me.

I can now see how my dream linked to many aspects of my life. After the session I feel better connected to my intuition. I have clarity on the practical steps I need to take to progress towards my goal."

Emily Cook, Dream Researcher

"A dream session with Sonia was wonderful, informative and inspiring.  She made it easy to share and give her insight into what my questions were for the session.  I got a better understanding about my dreams and my dream experience.

I learnt some new theory and was pointed in the right direction to further my knowledge and deepen my dreaming experience.  

I am looking forward to the next one once I have integrated the learning and put some new practises into place"


Jason Lind, Entrepreneur & Day Dreamer

Live workshop on Zoom

Connect live for 1,5h with other dreamers where you can ask questions and clarifications. Recording available for all participants who booked their spot.

Real Life Interpretation

We will work on one dream example coming from the audience. Do you want to submit your own dream for analysis? Submit it here!

Recording available afterwards

Different timezone, busy Sunday, missed the workshop? No problem. We will send you the recording afterwards.  

Innercourse Dream Academy

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Cultivating a deep and intimate connection with your inner world is like making love to Life itself. Explore intuitive dreamwork practices for those who dream often and those who wish to.