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Innercourse Dream Academy

  Follow the inner compass of you dream realm to unlock secrets from your subconscious, tap into your intuition, discover your heart's  desires, and unravel the mystery that is your life.

Cultivating a deep and intimate connection with your inner world is like making love to Life itself

Explore intuitive dreamwork practices for those who dream often and those who wish to.


Hi, I'm Sonia Kolasinska

 I'm a professional Dreamer. 

I've been working with dreams since I can remember. Lucid dreams would happen to me spontaneously at first, and later in life I re-trained myself in lucid dreaming that initially I used purely for the magic of it - flying, creating magical worlds, and bending the laws of physics for example by walking through dream walls.

My interest in dream work as a spiritual and personal development  practice was inspired by work of Charlie Morey and Melinda Powell. I now follow the practices in the tradition of Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep (book by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche), although my approach remains secular. I'm a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Is Dreamwork for me?

Whatever your relationship with your dream world is, dream work offers a glimpse into your deeper, intuitive psyche. Think of it as a screen on which messages from your soul are projected. With every dream symbol, dream character, and (what looks like) a nightmare, it tries to show you something. Are you ready to see it?

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Reconnect with Yourself

You rarely remember your dreams, or the details slip away easily. You'd like to reconnect with your inner dream world and understand it better. Or maybe you have recurring dreams, lucid dreams, or nightmares that you don't understand? They are gifts of insight, if you're only willing to unwrap them..

Find Guidance

Remembering the dreams come easily, but understanding them is a puzzle.  You'd like to know the meaning of your dream symbols and see how they can guide you through life. .

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Connect Spiritually

You intuitively feel that there is another realm that we connect to through expanded states of consciousness such as dreaming. You want to learn techniques from different spiritual traditions to work on the unfolding  of your own personal myth. 

Ways of working with me

1:1 Dream Sessions

An hour devoted to diving deep into the interpretation of a specific dream.

Dream Circles

Online or in person dream sharing gathering to keep the symbols alive

Workshops & Courses

Learn techniques for dream interpretation, recall, vividness, and lucid dreaming.


"Amazing session. When I had looked at my dream by myself it had seemed flat and quite dull. Speaking with Sonia, I was able to find much more insight in the dream.

Sonia has a wealth of expertise around dreams. I really like how her approach brings in pieces from lots of different fields. The session was empowering, I felt supported and coached to explore my own dream in a way that worked for me.

I can now see how my dream linked to many aspects of my life. After the session I feel better connected to my intuition. I have clarity on the practical steps I need to take to progress towards my goal."

Emily Cook, Dream Researcher

"A dream session with Sonia was wonderful, informative and inspiring.  She made it easy to share and give her insight into what my questions were for the session.  I got a better understanding about my dreams and my dream experience.

I learnt some new theory and was pointed in the right direction to further my knowledge and deepen my dreaming experience.  

I am looking forward to the next one once I have integrated the learning and put some new practises into place"


Jason Lind, Entrepreneur & Day Dreamer

Still unsure if dreamwork is for you? Send me your question on the Contact page.