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Dream Circles

Weekly Online Dream Circles

Every Sunday 7pm CEST on Zoom

Each person shares a dream (if they wish to) and others ask intuitive questions. Often aha-moments happen for the person sharing their dream - even if they worked on it before - as new layers of meaning and different perspectives are uncovered.

We don't arrive at any final interpretation of dreams. Rather, we let the insights come naturally to each dreamer, powered by the collective attention on dream symbols.

By remembering, writing down, and sharing our dreams with others, we bring the symbols, messages, and mystery to the light of consciousness.

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Dream Sharing

By sharing our dreams we bring the symbols, messages, and mystery to the light of consciousness.

Other dreamers don't interpret the dream for you, but prompt you to uncover meaning that's unique to you, as there is no such thing as a universal meaning of dreams.

Collective Wisdom

Intuitive questions from other dreamers unlock new insights that you might have overlooked. 

When such insights resonate with someone, we bring the unconscious (shadow) to the surface and gain a deeper understanding of the symbols.


By amplifying dream symbols, we turn to their archetypal nature.

  • We seek inspiration for the meaning of these archetypes in the wider, social, historical, and cultural context - in myths, legends, and folklore. 


Soul vs. Mind analysis

When in a dream circle, we refrain from finding definitive meaning of dream symbols and analyzing dreams with our minds.

Dream dictionaries and 1-1 symbols interpretations are not part of this process. We understand that meaning can only be found by each dreamer themselves, and a meaning of a symbol differs from person to person. We give and hold space for the mystery to arise.


It might take weeks, months, or years for the meaning of the dream to reveal itself. Dream practitioners continuously find new meanings as life goes on.

Sometimes our mind thinks it arrived at the answer, but if we keep our hearts open, the mystery keeps unfolding. We have patience for this process and understand that this is a lifelong pursuit. 

No judgment

Dreams speak to us in primal symbols that often involve blood, violence, sex, pain... These elements are intrinsically human and live deep in our psyche, often suppressed by our culture, moral values, and religion.

We don't judge our own or other people's dream content as good or bad, moral or immoral. Such distinctions are the judgments of the mind that are necessary for our functioning in a society, but if we want to dive deep into the mysteries of our psyche, we need to keep an open mind to all symbols that are trying to emerge.