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1:1 Dream Sessions

Whether you're experienced with dreamwork or not, 1:1 Dream Interpretation Sessions will support you with:

  • clarity on inner processes, conflicts, and deepest desires that are currently coming up from your subconscious
  • finding out what your psyche is currently processing, what it struggles with, and what direction it wants to grow towards
  • finding new insights, completion, and resolution for open-ended inner processes
  • deepening the relationship with your dreams

We will work with an intuitive interpretation technique that is rooted in Jungian dream analysis and has developed through my own dream work practice and research. I help you ground the process within known techniques, while sharing my own approach. 

You can choose between:

Full session (1h) for longer dreams, multiple dreams during the same night, recurring dreams, and nightmares.

Short Session (20-25 min) for shorter dreams 


Dream Interpretation

Uncovering a dream meaning that's unique to you - there is no such thing as a universal meaning when it comes to dreams.

Dream Practices

Connecting with your Inner Dreamer, improving dream frequency, vividness, and recall, and exploring the power of intentions and rituals.

Lucid Dreaming

Learning techniques that work for you to spark lucid dreaming, and discovering its limitless potential.



Soul vs. Mind analysis

When adopting an intuitive approach to dreamwork, we refrain from finding definitive meanings of dream symbols and analyzing dreams with our minds.

Dream dictionaries and 1-1 symbols interpretations are not part of this process. We understand that meaning can only be found by each dreamer themselves, and a meaning of a symbol differs from person to person. We give and hold space for the mystery to arise.


It may take weeks, months, or years for the meaning of the dream to reveal itself. Dream practitioners continuously re-interpret their dreams as life goes on.

Sometimes our mind thinks it arrived at the answer, but if we keep our hearts open, the mystery keeps unfolding. We have patience for this process and understand that this is a lifelong pursuit. 

No judgment

Dreams speak to us in primal symbols that often involve blood, violence, sex, pain... These elements are intrinsically human and live deep in our psyche, often suppressed by our culture, moral values, and religion.

We don't judge our own or other people's dream content as good or bad, moral or immoral. Such distinctions are the judgments of the mind that are necessary for our functioning in a society, but if we want to dive deep into the mysteries of our psyche, we need to keep an open mind to all symbols that are trying to emerge.